Chicago Botanic Garden – August Wedding

As we have approached the 1-year anniversary of Shiyi and Reed, it’s fitting that we FINALLY share the details from their beautiful wedding at the Chicago Botanic Garden, photos all courtesy of Samm Blake Photography.

We woke up that day with beautiful, blue skies, but the impending weather forecast made us all very nervous. Our happy couple was determined to not let the weather ruin their wedding day. Despite the clouds rolling in, we still proceeded with the wedding ceremony outdoors in the gardens.

As the bride arrived, the rain came down, but it could not have made for a more beautiful backdrop at the Rose Terrace within the botanical gardens. The bride and groom were on cloud nine, having not seen each other prior to the wedding, their emotions were running high. It was truly a very beautiful wedding ceremony.

The reception then moved over to the McGinley Pavilion for dinner and dancing. The room was breathtaking. Kehoe Designs amazed us all with their beautiful flowers and décor. The energy was high with the ever contagiously entertaining DJs from Toast and Jam.

We sent the beautiful couple off onto their honeymoon with a sparkler send away. As always, we were truly honored to be a part of this wedding celebration.



Ceremony & Reception: Chicago Botanic Gardens (

Flowers & Décor: Kehoe Designs (

Photographer: Samm Blake Photography (

Cake: Amy Beck (

DJ: Toast and Jam (

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