10 Things You Shouldn’t Do The Morning of Your Wedding

1. Check the weather reports-  There’s absolutely nothing you can do to control the weather, so why stress yourself about it.

2. Spray Tan- The last thing you need is to be the color orange in all your photos.  I recommend tanning no closer then two weeks before the wedding.

3. Facial Waxing- Wax can burn your skin or leave sensitive skin looking red.  Now that I think about it don’t even think about shaping your brows the morning of the wedding.  Leave this to a professional at lease five days before the wedding.

4. Drink too Much- Having a glass of champagne to help with the nerves is one thing but getting sloshed before the ceremony is definitely the wrong thing to do.

5. Not Eating- It’s a long day and your probably won’t get something to eat until the reception.  I recommend loading up on some carbs the morning of the wedding.  Remember though you still need to fit into your gown!

6. Try a New Hair Style/ Makeup- This is why stylist have trial runs.  You have to make sure the hair and makeup match the style of your dress.  Take a photo of yourself so you and your stylist won’t forget the style you fell in love with.

7. Surrounding Yourself With People Who Cause You Stress-  This is why we have bridesmaids.  If someone is getting on your nerves or stressing you out have your Maid of Honor escort them to the door.

8. Not Giving Yourself Enough Time-  Make sure you have enough time the morning of the wedding.  You don’ want to be late for your own ceremony.  Especially since ceremony locations have multiple weddings in one day.

9. Stress The Little Things- You’ve spent the last year or so planning your wedding.  When the day finally arrives don’t let the little things get you down.  Enjoy the day!

10. Not Hiring a Day of Wedding Coordinator- A well organized wedding planner (like An Affair to Remember) will have the whole day planned out.  They will have confirmed all details with your vendors and are there to execute your dream wedding.

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